Carryout in the time of corona: Angelo’s Pizza in Lakewood

Angelo's Pizza | 13715 Madison Ave | Lakewood Credit: Angelo's Pizza on Facebook Just last weekend, even before Ohio’s “Stay-at-Home” order was officially imposed, the missus and I were feeling a bit stir crazy. And hungry. Stir crazy and hungry … not a winning combination.  To combat this, we decided to go for a drive and … Continue reading Carryout in the time of corona: Angelo’s Pizza in Lakewood


Pizza in Cleveland: Il Rione Pizzeria

Il Rione Pizzeria | 1303 W 65th | Cleveland, OH Il Rione Pizzeria is nestled in Gordon Square. My wife Tiffany and I have been to New York City a bunch in the past 18 months. As corny as it sounds, the thing I love—and miss—most about the city is its pizza. It doesn't matter if … Continue reading Pizza in Cleveland: Il Rione Pizzeria

Fairlawn Restaurant Spotlight: Dewey’s Pizza

Dewey's Pizza |  3265 W. Market St. | Fairlawn, OH 'Tis the season. My mom and I were doing some Christmas shopping at Summit Mall last Saturday. We hit up Dillards, Macy's, Cleveland Clothing Company, Where I'm From and Grandpa's Cheesebarn. Side note: Don't tell anyone, but the main reason we stopped by Grandpa's Cheesebarn was for … Continue reading Fairlawn Restaurant Spotlight: Dewey’s Pizza

Broadview Heights Restaurants: Salted Dough

Salted Dough |  9174 Broadview Rd. | Broadview Hts., OH We were the first in line! “Good things come to those who wait.” Well, I tested that theory. For many months, I eagerly awaited the opening of Salted Dough, an artisan pizza restaurant located on Route 82 and Broadview Road, just around the corner from where I … Continue reading Broadview Heights Restaurants: Salted Dough