Mexican in Cleveland: Bakersfield Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey

Bakersfield Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey | 2058 W 25th St| Cleveland

A video summary of Bakersfield.

Have you ever had a day where you have insatiable cravings? That was me on Sunday. First it was a bagel sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts when I woke up. Next was a New York-style pizza from Domino’s for lunch. Then it was Mexican food at dinner time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—this body is no accident. 

Bakersfield is on Lorain Ave. in Ohio City.

About that Mexican dinner craving … Tiffany suggested we hit up Bakersfield in Ohio City (or West 25th as the younger crowd likes to call it). I looked online—great reviews on Google, Yelp and OpenTable. Good enough for me. 

I’m a big fan of the atmosphere at Bakersfield.

I was immediately impressed with Bakersfield’s atmosphere. It has an industrial-chic, California-type vibe. The stylish bar, garage-door patio, picnic tables and spirited music contribute to an upbeat, lively feel.

The bar has over 100 tequilas and whiskeys.

Bakersfield’s menu features guacamole, queso, salads, tacos, tostadas, taquitos, cocktails and margaritas. 

I started off the evening with a classic margarita, which hit the spot. Simple and effective with a nice kick, it employed just the right amount of sweet. Side note: You can taste the difference between a fresh margarita and something made from a mix. This was as fresh as it comes. 

The margarita was delicious.

We ordered chips and guacamole as an appetizer. The chips had a good crunch and the portion size was impressive. Unfortunately—to us at least—the guacamole was lacking. While definitely fresh, there was a sourness/saltiness to it that didn’t agree with our palates.

Nice presentation

The main course was four tacos—fish, short rib and huitlacoche (corn mushroom). Tiffany’s short rib taco won the night. She tried to sound all fancy, describing the dish as “having a good flavor profile with a nice balance between spice and savory.” Pfff. She enjoyed the huitlacoche as well. 

The tacos were small but fresh.

My fish taco was fine—the mahi was crispy but had too much citrus slaw. Apparently, it lacked the same flavor profile as Tiffany’s short rib taco. 😂 My favorite part of the tacos were the handmade corn shells. 

Our service at Bakersfield was stellar. I give the staff credit, as they were hit with a big rush prior to our arrival. They explained this to us, apologized for the wait and worked hard to seat and serve us. 

Bakersfield has a fun patio.

A margarita, chips and guacamole, and four tacos cost $41. Call me cheap, but I think that’s a bit high, especially because the tacos are small. 

Bakersfield has a good-looking happy hour. Available weekdays from 4 to 6 p.m., it features a $5 margarita, $2 tacos and half-price appetizers. 

Tacos, tequila and whiskey. What’s not to like about that? I’ll see you down the road at Bakersfield. Chances are, it’ll be for happy hour. Cheers.

The restaurant has a stylish interior.

Coming tomorrow: Chocolate, brunch and bingo. We’ll preview some notable events happening this weekend.

Coming soon: A sports panel with local radio hosts about the Cleveland sports scene and and an interview with Travis Howe, chief cookie officer at Fat T’s Cookies.

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