It’s Tea Time, Cleveland: The Macaron Tea Room

The Macaron Tea Room | 203 E Royalton Rd #114 | Broadview Heights, OH

The Macaroon Tea Room is centrally located in Broadview Hts.

Today’s entry is a guest post from my mom Kathy.

Located in a plaza on the northeast corner of Broadview Road and Route 82 in Broadview Heights, The Macaron Tea Room is a charming and elegant Victorian tea room. My daughter Julie and I have visited twice.

Decorated with chandeliers and white-linen tablecloths, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time into an authentic British tea room. Get this – they even have a selection of fascinator hats (like the ones worn at the Royal wedding) that you can wear to enhance your experience. 

Elegance awaits

Food at the Macaron Tea Room is served on tiered, fine china dishes while the tea is served in decorative pots and cups. Each dish has a different design, which adds to its charm.

On our first visit, Julie and I shared High Tea. The second time we had Afternoon Tea for two. Served on three-tiered cake stands, both selections consist of finger sandwiches and pastries.

Three tiers of deliciousness

The sandwiches are made with the freshest of ingredients, and unlike any you would get at other restaurants – I’m talking cucumber with chive cream cheese, egg with garlic spread, ham and Ukraine cheese, and tuna salad, just to name a few. The pastries are an assortment of scones, tarts, biscuits, mini-cakes and, of course, macarons.  

The restaurant has keto and vegan offerings plus a children’s menu complete with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Individual sandwiches, soups and salads are also offered.

The sandwiches and pastries are a delight.

As far as tea, the selection is endless – there are over 50 choices, ranging from fruit teas, traditional black teas, white teas, and herbal and green teas. So many teas, so little time!

The selection of teas is impressive.

The stars of the show, though, are the macarons. The tea room has a bakery in the lobby with 27 different flavors. They are $2.50 each or 6 for $13.50. 

What to choose, what to choose?

A bit of a macaron conessieur myself (humble brag), I’ve tasted this delicacy in many different states and even took a class on how to make them – I can confidently say that The Macaron Tea Room has some of the best and largest offerings I’ve ever tried. I think pistachio is still my favorite, but salted caramel and any kind of chocolate combo are right up there too.

You may think the tea room is a bit pricey when you read the menu, but the quality and quantity of their offerings are impressive – we were full after our meals and brought some of the pastries home. You’re also paying for the ambiance, which is both distinctive and sophisticated.

The dining room is stylish.

The tea room is open Tuesday through Saturday. Hours of operation can be found online. Reservations are suggested.

I highly recommend a visit to the The Macaron Tea Room – it’s definitely worth treating yourself if you want a unique experience of feeling like you’re whisked back in time to an era where people took their time, relaxed through meals and enjoyed pleasant conversations. It’s also a great spot to connect with friends. And get this – they have a really cute gift shop! The next time you visit, tell them Kathy sent you.😄 Thanks for reading.

The gift shop is cute!

Coming Tuesday: We’ll check out R. Shea Brewing in downtown Akron.

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