Broadview Heights Restaurants: Salted Dough

Salted Dough |  9174 Broadview Rd. | Broadview Hts., OH

We were the first in line!

“Good things come to those who wait.” Well, I tested that theory. For many months, I eagerly awaited the opening of Salted Dough, an artisan pizza restaurant located on Route 82 and Broadview Road, just around the corner from where I live in Broadview Heights.

I laid awake at night imagining a restaurant/bar—close to my home—where I could indulge in gourmet pizza, drink quality spirits and enjoy a modern (dare I say, trendy) atmosphere. Unfortunately, the opening of Salted Dough kept getting delayed. Days, weeks and months passed with no end in sight. Then I saw it. Salted Dough had a recent post on their Facebook page. The restaurant announced its opening date—Tuesday, November 19 at 11 a.m. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? I looked again. Be still my beating heart. The post was still there. Indeed, the news was true!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Salted Dough.

I summoned my mom to accompany me to the grand opening. And wouldn’t you know it, we were the first guests in the door—right at 11 a.m.—making us Salted Dough’s inaugural customers. I know the adage … never be the first person to arrive at a party. Rules be damned. I’d been anticipating the restaurant’s opening for a long time. I wasn’t taking any chances.

Upon entrance, my mom and I were both impressed by the décor, which can be described as farmhouse chic. The restaurant features reclaimed wood, barn doors and creative lighting. In addition, chalkboard art, an attractive bar, exposed ceilings and partially open kitchen help to establish a contemporary, clean look. Fun fact: Owner Jeff Fisher, of Crust and Touch Supper Club fame, did much of the interior work himself, as he refinished 95 chairs and 30 tables and even made some of the lights that adorn the space.

Salted Dough’s interior is attractive and unique.

Open Tuesday – Sunday beginning at 11 a.m., Salted Dough is a full-service sit-down restaurant that can seat close to 100 customers inside (I counted 18 tables) and, eventually, 50 customers on its patio. The bar has seating for 15. Soon, they’ll have a to-go side of the restaurant that offers tiramisu, gelato, fresh subs and pizza by the slice. Also of note—the restaurant employs a scratch kitchen with a porcelain and ceramic oven.

The imported bar is striking.

Now for the reason we’re all here … the food! We kept it simple on our first visit, ordering a 14” pizza with half pepperoni and half sausage. It was solid. The crust—light, flaky and evenly cooked—employed a tasty finish comprised of pecorino Romano, roasted garlic oil and sea salt. My mom said it best—the salt in the pizza dough provides a unique and desirable flavor; it’s not bland and nondescript like at other restaurants (no names, please). The toppings were substantial, the cheese was tasty and the fresh basil served as a nice accompaniment. Suffice to say, there was no need for a doggy container. All eight slices of our pie were devoured.

The delicious pizza made my sleepy eyes disappear.

What about dessert, you ask? High fives all around. Our server Donna, who was tremendous, brought us complimentary samples of gelato—one strawberry and one lemon basil. Both dishes were fresh, creamy and smooth in texture. I’m not the biggest fan of basil, but somehow it worked in this dessert … who knew!?!

Strawberry gelato … yes please!

Salted Dough has lots of specialty pizzas. These include typical ones like margarita, bianco and red, and more unusual—and intriguing—varieties such as eggplant, butternut squash and Peruvian chicken. Fun fact #2: Kids can help make their own pizzas at the restaurant.

The kitchen is where the magic happens.

While the restaurant’s focus is pizza, there are many other dining options. Notable items like charcuterie boards, salads, beef, chicken, fish, ravioli and gnocchi fill out the menu. As for drinks, they’re a plenty. Salted Dough boasts over 60 bottles of wine and a bevy of local beers and craft cocktails.

A portion of the restaurant’s menu

I’ve been following the progress of Salted Dough for a long time. From what I gather, it’s been a labor of love for Fisher and his family. I’d like to tell them job well done. Salted Dough checks all the boxes—quality (almost everything is made fresh and in-house), location, service, atmosphere and price. It’s a welcome addition to the southern suburbs’ dining scene.

Another shot of Salted Dough’s interior

Hold on one second, my wife Tiffany is calling me. Guess where she wants to go for dinner this weekend? You got it, Salted Dough. I’ll see you in Broadview Heights … sooner than later. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Broadview Heights Restaurants: Salted Dough

  1. We went to support a new restaurant in the area. 55 minute wait we were told. Asked if we could sit at bar and still
    Order food… no problem. We put in our order of appetizer and a pizza also got a drink THREE times we asked where at least is our appetizer Reason being we were going on one hour and twenty minutes waiting. The last request they came back and we were told “ I cannot find your order”. She proceeded to walk away. We paid for the sad beer and walked out!!!! Come on people… we tried to support your business but you need to improve your employees care for us customers. Needless to say…. highly doubt we will be back!!!!


    1. Man, that’s awful. Thanks for sharing. Since I was the first customer I didn’t have that issue. Totally understand your frustration.


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