Happy Hour Spotlight: Square 22

Square 22 | 13485 Pearl Rd. | Strongsville, OH

Square 22 is a Strongsville hot spot.

A couple years ago—in my single days—I went to Square 22 in Strongsville on a first date with a girl I met on Bumble. The date was forgettable, but the restaurant was anything but. I remember commenting that Square 22 was a welcome addition to the suburban dining scene.

Fast forward to 2019 … this past Tuesday to be exact. My mom and I both happened to be in Strongsville at 4:00 p.m. You know what that means—happy hour at Square 22.

Located on Pearl Road just north of Route 82, the restaurant sits in Westwood Commons, a renovated strip plaza that houses Pita Pit, Master Pizza, Tom + Chee and Hot Head Burritos. At 4,500 square feet, the space is impressive. With its urban industrial décor, expansive dining areas, multiple patios, cozy fireplace and stunning black walnut bar, Square 22 offers a sleek and contemporary vibe. In fact, it could be dropped right into Ohio City or East 4th and not feel out of place.

Square 22 houses an impressive bar.

Happy hour at Square 22 is available Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. in the bar area only. Small-plate portions of select dishes cost $5 and $6, including shrimp de Jonghe, pork belly skewers, cheesesteak lollipop, charred cauliflower, Thai barbecue chicken drums and Sorento flatbread (chicken, feta, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, red onion and herbed olive oil). Fresh warm bread is provided to diners.

I ordered shrimp de Jonghe while my mom had Thai barbecue chicken drums. Ultimately, the dishes left me conflicted. On one hand, the portions were minuscule—my order consisted of one skewer with five tiny shrimp while my mom received three small drums. On the other hand, both meals were delicious. The shrimp, topped with scallions, were blanketed in soft breadcrumbs and sat atop a mouthwatering garlic butter sauce. I even “kiddingly” asked the server if I could order the sauce as a main dish. The chicken drums were meaty, fresh and flavorful. The accompanying Thai barbecue boasted a hint of sweetness and just the right amount of spice.

The food is good. There’s just not a lot of it.

Square 22 features four beverage specials during happy hour—house wine is $3.95 per glass; select martinis cost $5; and well drinks and draft pints are discounted by $2. My mom’s glass of pinot grigio was crisp and refreshing. I enjoyed my Troegs sunshine pilsner, but even with the discount, it came to $5.50—not much of a value.

Our server at the restaurant was excellent. She was friendly and attentive. No names please, but I’ve been to a high-end restaurant where the service went downhill after my party ordered from the discounted happy hour menu. That was not the case here.

Square 22 features an attractive interior and exterior.

Final Thoughts
Rating Scale & Verdict

🍷🍷=Average 🍷🍷🍷=Good 🍷🍷🍷🍷=Excellent

🍷🍷🍷 Other happy hours offer more bang for your buck. That said, I’d still recommend Square 22 because of its quality food and sophisticated atmosphere. Besides, if you’re still hungry, Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream is next door. Cheers!

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